The Project

the idea for the the GENDER book was to have a fun, educational resource, like the Magic Schoolbus of gender. There were lots of academic texts around for folks who were willing to sit down and get into the theory, but where was our quickie 101 accessible resource we could give to grandma or leave out in a waiting room? that’s the GENDER book!


our story

What started as a simple 6-page black and white zine in 2010 has grown into a 94 page full-color illustrated book.

We built it out using quotes from the 200+ surveys we collected. As we wrote and illustrated each page, we’d post it on Tumblr for critique and took that feedback to heart. We really wanted our project to represent the diverse communities it depicts.

In December of 2013, the last pages were colored and we launched an IndieGogo campaign to fund the first round of printing.

We raised enough money to print 1,000 hardcover books, and quickly sold out. As of 2019 we are in our third run of printing and the book is as needed as ever. We have translations in Spanish and German and more are on the way.


we believe education is powerful.

watch the video to learn more about the project.


the goals...

To educate everyone (for example: doctors, friends, schoolteachers, family and individuals who are exploring their gender) about gender... 

... To be a free & widely disseminated resource that points readers towards comprehensive sources...

... To alleviate societial oppression & misunderstanding of gender minorities through  education.